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  • Traditional Massages

    Treat yourself to one of the many traditional massages performed at BES Natural Solutions in Baltimore, Maryland. We offer several popular massages for our clients to help them relax and unwind and feel pampered. To further enhance your massage, you can add one of the following for the ultimate spa experience:

    • Aromatherapy: $10.00
    • Hot Stones: $12.00
    • Salt Hand & Foot Scrub: $15.00
    • Brown Sugar & Foot Scrub: $15.00
    • Detox Foot Massage with Hot Stones: $20.00
    • Paraffin Treatment: $25.00
       Spa Foot Treatment: $50.00
    • Gift Package for Special Occasions (Includes Sparkling Cider, Flowers, and Candy): $40.00

Custom Massage Services

Custom Massage

A massage personalized to fit your body's needs. It may be a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, sports, myofascial release, trigger point, cranial sacral, and reflexology massages.

• 60 Minutes: $75.00
• 90 Minutes: $105.00
• Three 60-Minute Custom Massages: $225.00 Value for $180.00
• Six 60-Minute Custom Massages: $450.00 Value for $385.00
• Twelve 60-Minute Custom Massages: $900.00 Value for $700.00
• Three 90-Minute Custom Massages: $315.00 Value for $245.00
• Three 90-Minute Custom Hot Stone Massages: $375.00 Value for $300.00

Hot Stone Massage

This relaxing massage uses cold or water-heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body, helping to loosen tight muscles. You'll feel instantly relaxed after receiving this massage.

60 Minutes: $85.00 90 Minutes: $125.00

Swedish Massage

Involving the use of hands, forearms, or elbows to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles, a Swedish massage helps improve your mental and physical well-being. It is one of the most popular massages because of its superior relaxing effect.

60 Minutes: $65.00 90 Minutes: $90.00
Hot Stone Service and Swedish Massage

Chair Massage

Chair Massage

For a less intensive massage, you can receive a chair massage. We perform a variety of different chair massages for clients, including:

• The Quick Fix: Neck and Shoulders Only Five Minutes for $10.00
• The Short Vacation: For the Neck, Shoulders, and Back 10 Minutes for $20.00
• Relax: Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, and Hands 15 Minutes for $30.00
• Hit the Road: Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands, and Legs 20 Minutes for $40.00
• The Tune-up: Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands, Legs, and Feet 25 Minutes for $50.00
• Oh My Feet!: Legs and Feet Only 20 Minutes for $40.00

Couples' Massage

A couples' massage allows partners to experience massages together in the same room as one therapist works on each person. This treatment invites couples to get a bit closer and reconnect as it enhances intimacy and teaches each partner how to take care of each other. Couples' massages are scheduled on weekends only so please get in touch with us to schedule your appointment.

60 Minutes: $140.00 90 Minutes: $180.00

The Mount Vernon Massage

A two-hour massage named after our historic location in downtown Baltimore. This two-hour massage is full of relaxation and stress relief.

120 Minutes: $150.00
Couples' and Mount Vernon Massage Services

Belvedere Four-Handed Massage and Mobile Services

The Belvedere Four-Handed Massage

This luxurious massage consists of two massage therapists performing rhythmic movements for deep relaxation.

90 Minutes: $240.00

Mobile Massage Services*

We also perform massages off site to offer a more convenient service to our clients.

60 Minutes:  $100.00 90 Minutes: $125.00
120 Minutes: $150.00

Mobile Couples Massage:

• 60-Minute Massage - $250.00 • 90-Minute Massage - $280.00

*Fee includes travel and conveyance of massage equipment.

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