Revitalizing Treatments for the Body

Your body deserves extra special care. At BES Natural Solutions in Baltimore, Maryland, we give the attention your body needs with our treatments. Designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate, our body treatments will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch. Book one of our body-revitalizing treatments today!

Aromatherapy Wrap and Massage

Signature Aromatherapy Wrap and Massage

Relieve tension, reduce stress, and moisturize dry and dehydrated skin with a soothing, skin-quenching treatment that invigorates both the body and mind. After head-to-toe exfoliation, enjoy a warm, customized full-body wrap while your face is treated to luxurious oil therapy. The pampering continues with a full-body massage designed to relax tight muscles and hydrate the skin.

120 Minutes: $275.00

Things to Note About Body Wraps

Avoid shaving 24 hours before your treatment. Sunbathing should be avoided, as should alcohol and heavy meals. This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women. Consult your physician if you have any of the following conditions:

• High-Blood Pressure • Heart Conditions • Claustrophobia
• Hypertension • Diabetes • Eczema
• Psoriasis

The Process

First, you will change into your swimwear in privacy. Your skin will be exfoliated in order to remove dead skin cells. After the solution is applied to your body, you will be wrapped in thermal blankets and left to rest. While you are resting, you will receive a face and head massage. The heat from the wrap relaxes the muscles, opens the pores, and encourages perspiration so that toxins are flushed from the body. You are then unwrapped before being moisturized.

Detoxification Herbal Body Wrap

Experience this exquisite treatment customized to your unique needs. Your body is exfoliated and infused with herbs, and essential oils are applied using an herb-filled muslin pouch. This treatment concludes with a soothing face massage and luxurious lotion application, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

60 Minutes: $120.00

Signature Body Scrub and Warm Oil Massage

Perfect for those seeking the ultimate in rejuvenation, this deeply soothing three-part treatment begins with a hydrating scrub and then continues with a full-body, warm oil massage that melts away stress and eases muscle tension. A soothing face and scalp massage concludes the treatment, leaving your entire body invigorated, relaxed, and revitalized. This is a great treatment to have done with your friends at a pamper party!

120 Minutes: $250.00
Back of a Woman and Spa Towels

Exfoliation and Interior of Massage Room

Exfoliate and Invigorate Body Scrub

Reveal glowing, smooth skin with an intensely hydrating full-body scrub that will make you tingle from head to toe. First, rich vitamin E oil infused with your favorite fragrance softens and soothes your skin. A deep-conditioning jojoba oil scrub, infused with salt or sugar, exfoliates and invigorates. The treatment concludes with a full-body application of rich shea butter lotion, leaving skin soft and supple.

60 Minutes: $120.00

Ear Candling

Ear candles are used to promote healing, relieve stress, and to release blocked energy. It is meant to be a soothing and relaxing experience that is similar to aromatherapy. They help your body heal itself by depositing a thin layer of wax over the skin of the outer ear canal. This not only softens the ear wax that is already in your ears, but causes your body to produce oils that move foreign materials out of your ear. This process will happen over the next few days while you are sleeping or in the shower or when you clean your ears with a wipe or washcloth.

30 Minutes: $50.00

Infrared Sauna

Unlike a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna does not heat the air around you.  It uses infrared lamps to directly warm your body. Infrared saunas help your body release toxins, including heavy metals like mercury and lead, and environmental chemicals. The benefits don’t stop there. With infrared sauna technology, you can get better sleep, relaxation, detoxification, lose weight, relax, relieve muscle and joint pain, increase your circulation, purify your skin and its aids in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

30 Minutes $30.00

Infrared Sauna