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BES Natural Solutions was founded in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, to serve the skin needs of the owner, Bernadette Mitchell, who suffers from Meniere's disease. Like many people with a vestibular disorder, your senses can get out of control. In order to combat this, she began using handcrafted blends of body butter with her massages. These helped diminish her sensitivity to store-bought chemical agents, which are found in many deodorants, perfumes, and lotions. Bernadette expanded her collection of body butters to include her own blends of oils, creams, and other bath and body products. This collection became known as the Naturo Body Collection™ and is enjoyed by many who suffer from skin conditions and other debilitating diseases.

As a family-owned-and-operated company, we are dedicated to providing therapeutic massages and bodywork services to our clients and their loved ones. We also offer the finest natural, cold-pressed soaps; fragrant body butters; facial and body scrubs; body and massage oils; and aromatherapy sprays and body mists. This dedication is reflected in every product we sell and use on our clients during each massage session.

In addition to providing traditional therapeutic massage services, we specialize in medical massages for injury treatment, geriatric, manual lymphatic drainage and oncology massages. We accept most insurances for our clients' convenience.

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